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BruJaja Productions announces the commencement of production for DEATH RANCH: El Rancho De Los Muertos.

Starring the iconic Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis (Oija House, 12 Monkeys on SyFy) Tony Moran (Halloween, Clown Motel), Sid Haig (Kill Bill, 3 From Hell), Ginger Lynn Allen (31, The Devil’s Rejects), Debra Lamb (Point Break, Lake of Shadows), and with the legendary Danielle Harris (Halloween, Roseanne).

A T.V. newscaster(Shepis) uncovers the biggest scoop of her career and to her horror, becomes part of the story.

What is the terrifying secret of the DEATH RANCH and will she live to tell it?

Director Jennifer Saffary digs deep into Latin horror and comes up with an eerie modern twist.

With a script by horror author Marie Lanza (19 Gates of Hell, Fractured), cinematography by female cinematographer, Lisa Stoll and never-before-seen FX by the legendary Tom Savini, and Jason Cartman Baker. DEATH RANCH will be a nightmare to remember.

The film is executive produced by Francisco A. Ceron, Tony Moran, and Peter Sark.

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