Movie Review: THE CLEANING LADY (2018)

I’m lucky enough to have very little drama in my life. However, sometimes the wrong person can come into it and turn your life upside down within a blink of an eye. I had this happen with a roommate situation once. I thought it was going to be a good change and it turned out to be a nightmare. Sometimes you truly never know who people are and in the horror thriller, THE CLEANING LADY… one unfortunate soul discovers this about her new so-called friend in the most brutal way.

THE CLEANING LADY was directed by Jon Knautz with a screenplay co-written by himself and Alexis Kendra, who is also the lead actress in the film. Stelio Savante and Rachel Alig also star. The story centers around Alice who is struggling to end a toxic affair she’s been involved with despite knowing he is never going to leave his wife. In hopes to distract herself from this situation, she befriends a cleaning lady who is scarred with horrible burns and they develop an unlikely bond. Unfortunately for Alice, she soon learns that her new friend has deeper and more disturbing scars buried within.

An unlikely friendship forms in THE CLEANING LADY

I’ve watched a lot of films this year already and THE CLEANING LADY is one of my favorites thus far. Although a bit extreme, it’s also insanely relatable. We often seek comfort in people who seem innocent and less toxic from the world we know; however, it has a way of biting us in the ass. People often are never who they appear to be, and this couldn’t be truer in this horrifying story.

It has a pretty solid run-time. The beginning sucks you in with an unlikely friendship, the middles reveal some twists and turns that you won’t be expecting, and the ending is bat-shit crazy. My favorite part was the middle. Discovering the dark past of the cleaning lady was horrifying – far more horrifying than expected. We all know she had to get those burns somehow – but it’s just awful.

Hoping to distract from an affair, Alice befriends a badly scarred woman in THE CLEANING LADY

Alexis Kendra delivers a solid performance and I loved her character. Normally I can’t stand people who are having affairs, but I felt for her. You could feel the pain and emotions she was going through with this affair and how much she wanted to end it. Like any addiction, it’s a struggle to not keep coming back. Rachel Alig performance is equally brilliant. Her mousy and timid presence makes you feel uncomfortable and curious as to what happened to her. She goes from innocently sweet to psycho bitch in a hot minute and it’s terrifyingly awesome. Despite the awful things she does, I couldn’t hate her though. Once you see what she’s gone through, you can’t help but feel for her and know she’s just mentally fucked up.

THE CLEANING LADY comes home to DVD, VOD, and Digital HD on June 4th and I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a horrifying and heartbreaking story that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

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14 thoughts on “Movie Review: THE CLEANING LADY (2018)

  1. Cleaning lady is one the good movie i ever seen, but the last part of the movie is very afflicted.

  2. Very disturbing movie! I feel for her but what did Alice or the others do to her? If it was a story about revenge or hate towards men I could understand but this is innocent people! Hope there will be a part two for revenge, may be Michael’s son will take revenge! Why must evil get away with something like this!

    1. Because of her dollhouse and the blond Barbie in it, when she was a child. It ends with her creating a real Barbie.

  3. Her mother… They do a close up towards the end and you can tell it’s her very frail… She’s paying her back and then some karma!!!

  4. Serious pretty little liars vibe. Having her own Barbie doll. But this ending was crap. Like my quills were up and ready then nothing it just stopped.

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