Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment is thrilled to announce the World Market Premiere of BLOOD VESSELThe new action-adventure horror film stars Nathan Phillips (These Final Hours), Christopher Kirby (Star Wars: Episode III, The Matrix Reloaded), Robert Taylor (The Matrix), Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings) and John Lloyd Fillingham (Exam, Rush). The cast boasts combined box office earnings in the hundreds of millions of dollars (US).

“We’re extremely excited to show BLOOD VESSEL for the first time to buyers in Cannes,” said Clay Epstein, President of Film Mode Entertainment. “The stunning visual effects are so impressive, interwoven with an exhilarating storyline; our clients are in for the ride of their lives.”

BLOOD VESSEL is directed by Justin Dix, an award-winning director and special effects supervisor who played an integral role in the special effects team behind The Babadook, the multi-award winning psychological horror feature. Dix heads up Wicked of Oz studios, which caters to the ever-expanding film industry in Australia and has played a part in practically every Australian genre film to come down the pike in recent years.

Having worked with such iconic directors as George Lucas and Roger Donaldson, Dix’s first feature film, Crawlspace, nabbed numerous awards, including best special effects, best music, best sound design and best picture at top film festivals around the world.

Co-written by Justin Dix and Jordan Prosser, BLOOD VESSEL takes place somewhere in the North Atlantic, in 1945. Barely surviving on a life raft in the middle of the Atlantic they are forced to seek rescue from a passing Nazi ship. Once aboard, they discover the ship to be abandoned, with signs of a bloody struggle. As they investigate further, they discover pillaged Romanian artifacts and an enemy far deadlier than those they faced on the battlefront.

“The team we assembled was top notch and it shows in the special effects. We’re thrilled Film Mode is bringing BLOOD VESSEL to market. They’re a great fit for this uniquely thrilling, and captivating film,” said Dix.

No stranger to sci-fi thrillers, producer Steven Matusko (The Osiris Child, Better Watch Out, Terminis), Steven McKinnon (Buoyancy) and Brett Thornquest (The Osiris Child, Better Watch Out, Terminis) are at the helm of the action-adventure horror film.

Film Mode Entertainment is representing the world excluding Australia and New Zealand.


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