Filmmaker Mikey McMurran became something of a local celebrity in my hometown of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada after releasing his first feature film Secret Santa in 2015. This hilarious homage to 80’s slasher films was made on a shoestring budget but still managed to pack in big-time laughs. When I heard he was working on a horror anthology for his second feature, I couldn’t wait to see what he came up with. I will tell you, random reader, I was not disappointed.

THE FINAL RIDE follows an Uber driver named Jean (Keegan Chambers) as she picks up and drops off a variety of weird and wonderful passengers. Everyone has their own tales of terror including one featuring the ghost of an 80’s fitness guru, and one about a tattoo that won’t stop spreading. When Jean picks up her final ride of the night, she ends up starring in her own story.

I can’t say enough about the writing and the performances in this film. THE FINAL RIDE was basically made with the change from your couch cushions, but you truly wouldn’t know that for 99% of it. The special effects are sparse but expertly done. I’d say only the gunshots give away the lack of budget. Everything else looks perfect. One particular kill elicited a round of gasps followed by cheers from the audience at the festival.  

On top of that, this film features some truly absurd humor that had me rolling in the aisle. Ry Barrett’s homicidal version of Richard Simmons steals every single scene. I simply cannot adequately describe how amazing his performance is, you have to see it for yourself. Geoff Almond as Ray delivers the best “That’s What She Said” I’ve seen in years (yes, it’s a dated joke, but it works). And the movie probably features the funniest sex scene since Team America: World Police. Are people supposed to have simultaneous grand mal seizures during climax?

Suffice it to say, Mikey McMurran and his whole team pulled it off again. I’m really hoping someone will give this man a budget someday so we can see what he can do with it. Until then, I’m happy to check out as many films as his mother will allow him to make at her house. Trust me, you should check them out too.

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