Grab a drink and pull up a chair for SCRIPTS GONE WILD CONGO!

Founded in 2009, the Chattanooga Film Festival has established itself as one of the most innovative and expertly curated genre festivals in the United States, helping bring about the renaissance of genre icon, Joe Bob Briggs, and serving as a pseudo ‘summer camp’ for filmmakers and actors who would go on to collaborate on projects. The May 29th reading of CONGO from Scripts Gone Wild is dedicated to raising funds for the film festival, to help CFF continue its amazing mission of helping turn the Southeast into a haven for genre film lovers.

Joining the previously announced headliner (Karan Soni of Deadpool and Miracle Workers) to tackle the Michael Crichton/Frank Marshall ‘classic’ are a host of up and coming genre icons who also help tip the, currently, male-heavy read: Ally Ioannides, known for her role on the series Into the Badlands and the upcoming sci-fi film, Synchronic; Chelsea Stardust, director of All That We Destroy, the latest installment of the Blumhouse produced Hulu series “Into the Dark”; and Gigi Saul Guerrero, director of an upcoming installment of the same Blumhouse produced series, and a contributor to numerous horror anthologies.

Rounding out the second wave of casting is genre actor and Scripts Gone Wild favorite, Frank Dietz, known for roles in cult classics like Zombie Nightmare and Rock N Roll Nightmare, and an animator on Disney classics like Mulan, Hercules, and, most recently, Mary Poppins Returns. Dietz also recently led a reading of Zombie Nightmare headlined by Tom Everett Scott which included members of the Revival League, and the son of the film’s writer, John Fasano.

Sponsored by Mulholland Distilling, Q Mixers, and Stella Artois, this reading of CONGO will benefit the Chattanooga Film Festival, the Tennessee genre festival where Scripts Gone Wild originated in 2017 before becoming a monthly fixture in Los Angeles. “I’m so excited to be raising money for, quite literally, the coolest film festival in the South,” said Brewton. “CFF has been an enormous part of our journey and it seems only fitting to be returning the favor.”

Scripts Gone Wild is a monthly script reading series which takes celebrities, filmmakers, and influencers, gives them a popular film script, and thrusts them head-first into a drinking game where they are penalized for line flubs and missed cues. As the readers make mistakes, and as the drinks pile up, the riotous nature of the event really starts to shine. Scripts are rarely finished and – when they are – they might just be a mess. The audience even gets in on the action and helps dictate just how ‘wild’ the evening gets.

SCRIPTS GONE WILD – CONGO takes place Wednesday May 29th at 8:00pm at El Cid on Sunset (4212 Sunset Blvd). VIP tickets are $20 and general admission tickets are $10 ($15 at the door). To participate in the shenanigans, follow Scripts Gone Wild on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook at @scriptsgonewild. For tickets and more info visit

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