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Werewolves, Old West Gunslingers, Motorcycles, Oh My!

HIGH MOON is directed by Josh Ridgway and stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Chelsea Edmundson, Chad Michael Collins, and Matthew Tompkins.

Let’s start off the bat by saying HIGH MOON isn’t the best werewolf film out there, but it’s probably one of the funniest to watch. It’s super over the top, which gives it a certain kind of charm.

The film mixes three different genres: Western, Horror, and Action. Basically, there is a gunslinger from the 19th Century named Colt who rises from the grave and into the modern world. He finds out that the werewolves that murdered his wife are still around (with motorcycles, no less). So not only does Colt have to contend with the modern era, but he has to finish his revenge, though he does get help from a few of the locals.

I will say that the film’s premise is different than most other werewolf films. This isn’t Underworld or American Werewolf in London. It’s more over-the-top like Wolf Cop.

The acting is totally B-film quality, but it’s not overly terrible either. I’ve always been a fan of Sean Patrick Flanery and his role as the corrupt Mayor was fun! Chad Michael Collins, who played the main character Colt, wasn’t too bad either. He seemed to take his role quite seriously.

I will give HIGH MOON credit because the Western genre and Horror genre actually go great together. My overall advice is don’t take HIGH MOON too seriously and just enjoy the ride!

The film is now available on VOD/Digital!

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