AMAUROSIS (alternate title THE UNSEEN), is the newest film from director Gary Sinyor (United We Fall, In Your Dreams) and is a tale of love and grieving.

Gemma and Will lose their young son Joel in a tragic accident. In the weeks after their son’s death, Gemma begins to suffer from panic attacks and temporary amaurosis, or the loss of vision. Gemma experiences her first panic attack and amaurosis and wanders out into the street in search of help. Paul, a former pharmacist, helps her to the hospital and keeps an eye on Gemma as she recovers. He mentions that he has a country house that he rents out should the couple be interested in.

Will stops sleeping because he thinks he hears Joel speaking to him each night. Gemma is worried about his erratic behavior and convinces him to take up Paul’s offer. When Gemma and Will arrive at Paul’s lakehouse rental, they find a gorgeous space away from the torture of their loss. But can they maintain their marriage—and their sanity—in the face of such devastation?

The film is gorgeously photographed. It has a warm color palette and minimalist set design. The costuming and makeup are both lovely as well. Gemma’s episodes of blurred vision are nicely filmed, but they become tiresome as episodes happen over and over again with similar results. The movie develops slowly into an eerie drama that keeps you on your toes.

Featured in the film are Richard Flood (Shameless), Jasmine Hyde (Doctors), Simon Cotton (Among the Shadows), Gina Gangar (Turn Up Charlie), and Sushil Chudasama (Emmerdale). The acting is realistic and at times powerful, with Jasmine Hyde giving a standout performance as Gemma. Overall, AMAUROSIS is a lovely drama about the natures of love and loss. AMAUROSIS arrives in theaters and On Demand May 17. 

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