[News] DRUNKEN DEVIL Embraces Hellish Roots with Latest Event
Poster designer by Ian O’Phelan
DRUNKEN DEVIL continues its ‘Seven Deadly Sin’ event series by introducing Envy, transporting guests to early 20th century Mexico in Cantina del Diablo for an evening of craft cocktails, immersive storytelling, burlesque, and otherworldly delights.

Cantina del Diablo attendees will enter an early 20th century cantina in Oaxaca and meet Marisol Cortez, the bar’s resident entertainer, and member of the underground coven run by the bar’s owner. When a new ingenue threatens her status, Marisol goes to great lengths to maintain her position–leading up to a bloody, shattering finale. DRUNKEN DEVIL guests will interact Marisol, cantina barflies, and various members of the coven, and engage with them in an immersive theatrical narrative where patrons will be able to choose sides as they learn various characters’ intentions.

In addition to the immersive theatrical storyline, attendees will enjoy free-flowing craft cocktails featuring a variety of spirits, tantalizing burlesque acts featuring internationally-recognized performers, all-night dancing, interactive photo installations, and more.

Since 2017, DRUNKEN DEVIL has been unveiling an extensive narrative filled with unique characters, each manifesting one of the seven deadly sins. Past events have taken DRUNKEN DEVIL patrons to the court of Caligula (Gluttony), a grindhouse theater run by an egocentric, devil-worshipping Italian filmmaker (Vanity), and a Storyville-era brothel run by vampires (Lust). DRUNKEN DEVIL’S future events will include additional characters and unveil how the seven sins fit in to a greater storyline, so be sure to attend to witness the bigger picture that combines Hell and Heaven.

Cantina del Diablo will take place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at a secret location in Downtown Los Angeles. Location will be revealed to ticket-holders the day before the event. Tickets to the strictly 21+ celebration are all inclusive, non-refundable/non-transferable and expected to sell out quickly!

Tickets for DRUNKEN DEVIL’S Cantina del Diablo are available at www.restlessnites.com/cantina.

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