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On March 21, 2019, CRITTERS: THE NEW BINGE debuted exclusively on Shudder. It continues the story started with the first one in 1986, and after a 30-year absence, this short-form series made headlines in all the major horror publications.

These beloved furry hairballs’ first appearance on the small screen is a reboot that genre fans didn’t know they needed, but realized it was exactly what they wanted. Ten days later, the newly branded THE TWILIGHT ZONE debuted on CBS All Access. Another esteemed classic revived for the masses in the present day. So highly anticipated, the first episode was made available on YouTube for free.

Canadian Actress Jocelyn Panton (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Once Upon a Time) found herself in a position that many genre actors could only dream of. She was cast in both productions! I had the pleasure of speaking with Jocelyn, and we discussed her new roles, what she has coming up, and of course, horror movies.

What intrigued you about CRITTERS: THE NEW BINGE and what made you want to be a part of it? 

Jocelyn Panton: When I first found out I was going to be on CRITTERS, I was super excited because here I was joining this hugely loved franchise from the 80s that is just so much fun – with the cheesiness and campiness of it all. Plus those critters are so scary yet kind of lovable.

What was your favorite part of filming CRITTERS: THE NEW BINGE? 

Jocelyn Panton: I would say as my character Ellen, I had this pretty badass moment which was also kind of naive and adorable in her own way towards the end of the series. She goes on this journey just thinking she’s reporting at a competition and ends up getting caught up in all the mayhem. It was so much fun being involved in some of the biggest moments of the series.


I read you also have a part in the new TWILIGHT ZONE. How does it feel to be a part of two wildly popular and iconic horror reboots? 

Jocelyn Panton: It feels pretty awesome! They’re both fan-favorite shows so I feel pretty lucky to be on them. It’s also a nice, happy coincidence to get in two classics so close together. It’s not every day in Vancouver (where I’m based) that you get to be in a couple of horror shows, let alone them both being popular series.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing? 

Jocelyn Panton: Lots of stuff! I love being out in nature, especially in the spring and summer. I love good food, good company and exploring new places. Another thing I spend a ton of time doing is planning my next trip and home decor on Pinterest – I’m obsessed!

Are there any projects you have coming up that we should be keeping our eyes out for? 

Jocelyn Panton: I have a nice little cameo on THE TWILIGHT ZONE and I have a recurring role on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in which I play Marilyn Monroe. It was so incredibly fun to play this character and I felt so honored to play her. My next episode will be out at the beginning of the two-part season finale on May 13th.

Last but not least, what is your favorite scary movie? 

Jocelyn Panton: I really liked IT – that’s the first movie that I can remember that I’ve had to cover my face during some scenes. And I couldn’t get Pennywise out of my head for a really long time – especially when I’d go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I also loved The Descent. It was so creepy but so fascinating! I love films that intrigue me so much that I can’t stop thinking about them after, the problem is it can obviously be quite haunting when it’s dark out…it’s a love/hate relationship.


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