If you haven’t seen a movie with ScreenX before this is the time to spring for tickets. ScreenX elevates THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA to a new level. Using three projected images it creates a panoramic immersion that places you in the middle of the action. With the help of ScreenX, an already frightening film is enhanced by constructing the illusion of being surrounded by La Llorona. There is no escape from her curse.

This film is particularly well suited for a ScreenX adaption given the number of jump scares and haunting imagery. In one particular incidence, rather than just seeing La Llorona appear on the big screen, she also is projected on the side panels as well creating heightened scares. This can also create after effects when images are projected seconds apart which prolong scares. Additionally, scenes that take place in a hallway or a field are projected on the walls that create a sense of being in the film with the characters. In some scenes, candles are used and can be seen burning on the side panels which creates a more visually stimulating experience. Overall, the use of the side panels appears deliberate and is not only just a panoramic view of the scene. Although not every scene utilizes the side panels, there is a fair amount of use of the panoramic effect which validates seeing this film with ScreenX even if you have already seen it before.  

Overall, THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA is more than just a high quality, exceptionally filmed scary movie. It features strong female characters throughout and brings Mexican folklore to the big screen. It also makes strong social commentary on how American social systems can be dismissive of customs, values, and beliefs that do not fit the narrow scope of white world views. This is displayed when Patricia Alvarez’s experience is dismissed and when the curandero is forced to leave the church. The film comments on how it is not until white people start having bad shit happen to them that they begin to believe and value the experiences of people of color. The rich social commentary of THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA add layers of complexity and depth that go beyond a simple horror film.

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA expands the genre of horror with strong female leads, an emphasis on Mexican folklore, and relevant social commentary, in addition to exceptionally well written and performed characters with a high production quality. ScreenX only heightens the intensity of an already fantastic film. The curse comes to life in a deeper way when you become immersed with ScreenX. THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA is in theaters now and in select theaters with ScreenX.

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