Force of Nature Productions, the production company that scares us with Fallen Saints each haunt season, has a funny side too! Their current show is the return of their over-the-top comedy TELENOVELA. The story follows the bitter rivalry between the Lajarra and Azucar families, Mexico’s biggest wine and tequila makers, and their desperate and hilarious fight for power.

TELENOVELA affectionately honors the famous melodramatic “novelas” of Spanish TV. True to the soap opera style, the show was brought to life by the crazy and exaggerated antics of the entire cast. It even included live music and even a choreographed dance sequence! We enjoyed seeing our friend Sebastian Muñoz, who is usually working hard behind the scenes, take the stage as the outrageous villain Pedro Azucar. What makes Telenovela even better, he explained, is that some of the ridiculous situations portrayed are based on real-life events his family and friends have experienced! And you thought your family was crazy…

TELENOVELA was written by Adam Neubauer, with a story by Sebastion Muñoz, and additional material by Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm. It was directed by Joe Camareno and features Jon Agurcia, Carlos Chavez, Redetha Deason, Anatol Felsen, Lara Fisher, Gloria Galvan, Michael Guthrie, Brett Gustafson, Tom Jones, Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm, Meghan Lewis, Sebastian Muñoz, Robert J. Watson & Anne Westcott.

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