Most ghost films and shows can get pretty serious. Many times, we follow the wayward spirit as they right wrongs, give messages to loved ones and struggle to find their way to the Great Beyond. But what if you were stuck in a boring and stereotypical millennial afterlife kind of by accident? That is exactly what happens to the protagonist in a new short series called GUESS I’M A GHOST. Stories give the afterlife this veil of mysticism, but GUESS I’M A GHOST gives finding the white tunnel a big reality check…and a little bit of avocado toast.

GUESS I’M A GHOST was created by Christopher Sullivan and directed by Sullivan and Nicole Danser. It stars Kelsey Siepser as Diane, Eugene Young as Marc, Caroline Bloom as Courtney, Samara Kelly as Sara, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard as Greg, Matthew Faller as Dave, Susan Shearer as Dusty, and Liquid Feet as the Dancing Ghosts. GUESS I’M A GHOST follows Diane on the last night of her life and the resulting afterlife. She spends the evening at the world’s most awkward party and then finds that a bad Uber ride sent her straight to death. When she accidentally ends up a ghost, she must find a way to come to terms with everything and get to whatever’s next.

I knew going in that this was a comedy and shows like The Good Place are always entertaining, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from GUESS I’M A GHOST. The show is definitely low budget with lots of paper and cardboard effects (which actually make it more endearing) and the acting wasn’t the best in the world but I found this show wildly entertaining and funny. I liked it much more than I ever expected I would. I found myself excited for the next episode. There are eight 7-minute long episodes and I just wish they were longer. Siepser is snarky and funny and realistic as an early 30’s ghost that is dealing with Murphy’s Law.

It is hard to tell how seriously this show is taking itself with the stereotypical millennial personalities and daily habits. Is this how the director actually sees daily life or is it a caricature of how boomers see us? Who can tell, but either way, Diane just seems bored with it all and is ready to move on but a sticky lock in the great beyond throws a big wrench in all of it. Sullivan did a great job creating an almost realistic look on what being a ghost would be like (if there even is one), stripping the magic and mysticism of it all and just giving it that touch of boredom and exhaustion that comes with being an adult.

If you can watch this show, do. It’s silly, fun and just an all around good time. As long as it isn’t taken too seriously and you don’t require big budgets and all-around stellar acting to enjoy a show, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy it. Just remember that even if a door seems locked, maybe just knock first. To check out the series, click HERE.

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