Documentary Review: ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT (2019)
Let me start by saying, I’m a huge lover of Bigfoot. There’s something about Cryptids, in general, that is a call back to the days of the Great Expeditions.
Expeditions where we search for the truth and mysteries that our amazing world has to offer all set within the backdrop of adventure.

ON THE TRAIL OF BIGFOOT gives us that Spirit of Adventure, Discovery, Expedition and Mystery that I think we are all lacking and hungry for.

As someone who has camped in Bigfoot hotspots, spoken with firsthand witnesses, visited the Bigfoot Museum and heard some amazing theories and stories, I loved the way the series was put together. Seth Breedlove was able to weave a tale that took firsthand accounts from current witnesses and also take a look back in history and see that people have been talking about “The Hairy Man” since the 1800s and even earlier.

There’s so much attention to detail that it seems the whole crew went through trying to hopefully get proof of this creature’s existence. Some of what they capture is very compelling and made me a little sad too. This may be the one mystery that I selfishly don’t want to be proven a hundred percent.

I’d like to let Bigfoot continue to be this amazing mystery that you only see if you are lucky, and if you are lucky, you keep the mystery alive by passing the tale along.

Traveling from state to state, you get a sense of how vast and far-reaching the phenomenon is and for true Bigfoot Believers it lets you ask some really thoughtful questions. Does Bigfoot migrate? If we are watching for them they are watching for us, are they remembering who they are seeing?  That is what a really great show should do, it makes you hungry for more information and that is what ON THE TRAIL FOR BIGFOOT does. He will always be the greatest of mysteries, and we should be so lucky to still have things of wonder to be amazed by.

This is a must watch for all my Explorers in the World of High Strangeness. Bigfoot will always be the King of Cryptids. ON THE TRAIL FOR BIGFOOT is now available on Amazon, Vimeo, OnDemand and VIDI Space.

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