What can I say? WILLA fell into my lap at the absolute perfect moment in time. I had been on an unrelenting Stephen King kick since viewing the latest Pet Sematary flick earlier in the week, and wasn’t sure what route to take because there is simply so much material to be covered – Thankfully, this short film found me.

I had read Willa immediately prior to viewing, and though it isn’t considered a staple of his catalogue, I can’t help but admire the deep romanticism I feel it to be enveloped in. As per my usual reviewing tactic, I do not want to reveal too much for fear of spoiling, so allow me to speak in general terms.

WILLA is what I look for in an effective King adaption – It is true enough to the source material, however, brings forth an essence totally unique in its own right. What I had initially assumed were subtle differences in story progression ended up being an entire fork in the plot road, and truthfully tugged on my heartstrings a little harder than the short story had previously.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Admittedly, I haven’t consumed many short films, so I wasn’t entirely ready for the condensed, impactful blow I had received. Emotionally driven, beautifully shot, tastefully unique – An adequate fix for my undying desire to explore the ever-growing cinematic world inspired by Stephen King.

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