Journey to a world of wonder and enchantment, mystery and illusion when ZENTOPIA debuts in Los Angeles, April 20th, 2019. The newest entry into the rapidly expanding Immersive Experience industry, ZENTOPIA sets itself apart.

Utilizing advanced UV/Black Light technology, combined with stereoscopic ChromaDepth lenses, the art of Debi Cable springs to life, creating depth and dimension. Guests reach out to touch space particles, glowing flowers and fairy tale creatures. The world of ZENTOPIA immerses visitors from floor to ceiling. What is real and what is illusion? ZENTOPIA leaves every guest mesmerized by what they’ve experienced, sure only of the joy and elation it imparts.

Instagram worthy moments greet each visitor around every corner… A self-guided journey through the world of ZENTOPIA, a visual carnival moving from the Mad Hatters Tea Party, to beautiful gardens of flora and fauna. Visitors flow from the tranquil Zen Room into an underwater seascape and beyond. A world of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, an unforgettable journey.

Debi’s artistic achievement is a result of a lifetime of dedication to this artform with exhibits in music and arts festivals such as Burning Man, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lancaster Museum to name a few.

“I create my artwork to be experienced in a true 3D environment, enveloping all who enter in a magical, surreal place that only would exist in the imagination of a childlike dream.”

“There has been a major shift in what is perceived as entertainment. More and more, people want to be fully immersed, becoming a part of the experience. Social media is the stage that showcases that expression,” says John Yona, co-founder of ZENTOPIA.

ZENTOPIA is located at 2927 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064 and will be open for a limited run April 20th – May 19th. Hours of operation are Monday through Wednesday 11am-9pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 11am-11pm, Sundays 11am-8pm. Ticket prices are $22 and kids under five are free. Free parking is offered in the back. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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One thought on “[News] ZENTOPIA Arrives in Los Angeles This April

  1. Went to this zentopia only to waste my time and money. Went early, bought the tickets online but on arrival the place was desolate. Tried calling the number, tried knocking on the doors, no reply. Can’t get a hold of these people for a refund. Waited 45 min for anyone to show, but no go. My suggestion, don’t get your hopes up and move on

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