Two nights ago, Nightmarish Conjurings had the chance to visit the I Like Scary Movies experience ahead of its opening today, April 4th. I was so excited to see these movies come to life in a way I could fully appreciate. I Like Scary Movies doesn’t have any scare actors or animatronics to frighten you. Even though I adore haunts, it was really nice to have the chance to admire the art and design of these large-scale photo opps, without being chased by a chainsaw-wielding clown!

The space is massive, with 25,000 square feet of iconic scenes and themed corridors. Set up as an interactive art installation, I Like Scary Movies is a celebration of some of our favorite films, including The Shining, IT (Chapter 1), A Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice and The Lost Boys, with multiple scenes set up for each. The experience was brought to life by Maximillian, the experiential artist behind many Comic-Con and Hollywood activations and more.

First, we visited the Overlook Hotel, the ominous setting of The Shining. We passed a 9ft tall REDRUM hedge, played with the Grady Twins and took a peek to see what was going on in room 237. This was the most expansive section, with various amazing photo opps, and multi-sensory experiences. From there we traveled through a dizzying portal to Pennywise’s lair and the world of IT. We posted our greatest fears (he loves those) on the wall in exchange for a Pennywise ‘penny’ souvenir. Warning – Those with a fear of clowns may not want to follow the paper boat maze to its end…

After escaping Pennywise, it was off to Freddy Krueger’s world. It smelled like something was burning (actually a bit like toasted marshmallows) as we stepped into his boiler room from A Nightmare on Elm St. His enormous glove jutting out from the wall is an articulating piece, with hinges at the finger joints, so you can pull his fingers around you for the perfect picture. A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the smaller segments, but Freddy’s glove, made from steel, aluminium, leather, and special effect latex, was horror art perfection.

I know this already sounds like a lot, but there was still so much more to see. We were dying to see the Beetlejuice area, and it did not disappoint! We took our turns as recently deceased guests in the Netherworld waiting room. All the photo opps there were hilarious and just so much fun to do. We stopped a moment to catch our breath and laugh at our Boomerangs that were taken from our dives into the foam pit before heading to Beetlejuice’s graveyard. The whole set there was jaw-dropping and amazingly detailed. In the last stops, fans of The Lost Boys will appreciate the Easter eggs in the throne scene and becoming a part of a “noodle” dinner. Hopefully, those that are a little taller than me will also enjoy hanging from the Santa Clara train tracks before heading to the Gift Shop at the end for exclusive merchandise.

We spent nearly two hours inside snapping photos, admiring the craftsmanship and hanging out with other like-minded movie fans. The only setback now is having too many amazing photos to know which to post! Tickets for I Like Scary Movies are $39 and on sale HERE. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in your favorite scary films!

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