Will, the bartender (Jonathan Pedigo, co-creator, co-star) RIGHT: Connie, the concierge (Alex Leff, co-creator, co-star) | Photo Courtesy of BAR OF DREAMS

Audience members are invited to experience the BAR OF DREAMS: LA, an intimate and absurd immersive comedy. After drifting away into the dreams of a peculiar bartender, four participants find themselves at the whim of his unconscious mind. In this two-hour surreal experience, prepare for delicious drinks, intimate one-on-ones and hilarious shenanigans – all with a dose of childhood nostalgia.

WARNING: The Bar of Dream Elixir is highly addictive. Side effects may include drowsiness, temporary dissociative disorder and delusions, and enhanced cognitive function.

BAR OF DREAMS: LA will take place on April 5, 6, 112, 13 & May 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 on Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm. The price is $75 and the event will be located at the North Hollywood Arts District. The meeting place will only be disclosed to ticket holders before the event. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

BAR OF DREAMS is an interactive show, actors will speak to guests and guests will be expected to speak back. The show is for those who are 21+ and guests should expect to stand up, sit down, and move around for extended periods of time.

Jonathan Pedigo and Alex Leff are co-creators and co-stars of BAR OF DREAMS. Jonathan Pedigo is an experience designer and software engineer. Before discovering immersive theater, Jonathan dropped out of college to open a hot dog stand. He built an alternate reality game to advertise the stand and it caught the attention of Nickelodeon who offered him a job. His second parody alternate reality game caught the attention of Lionsgate who threatened to sue him for making fun of the Hunger Games.

Alex Leff is a comedian, filmmaker, and now… immersive creator? Alex’s experience blends his improvisational studies from Uprights Citizens Brigade and Impro Theatre with immersive performance studies with Interactive Playlab and Third Rails Projects. Alex worked on the production of CoAct Productions’ The Sideshow and played the shenanigans-loving “Mike” with Shinebone Productions’ Welcome Back, Woodchucks.

Lyndsie Scoggin is a Los Angeles based experiential designer and producer with a passion for immersive storytelling. Her experience ranges from escape room design and consultation to immersive theater production and project management. She is the founder of the immersive design company CoAct Productions (The Sideshow, 2018), serves as the Creative Producer at Spy Brunch (Safehouse ’77, 2017), and designer at Famous Escape Games (Mistaken Identity, 2016) www.lyndsiescoggin.com.

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