[News] Crime Thriller A DARK PLACE Comes to VOD This April!

BAFTA Award-winner Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Spectre) stars in A DARK PLACE, a new crime thriller about a man’s quest to uncover the truth about the disappearance of a young boy in a sleepy Pennsylvania town. This movie is set to open in U.S. cinemas and on VOD on April 12, 2019.

Donald Devlin is a garbage man in the fictional town of Harburgh, Pennsylvania, a former steel town that has seen brighter days. A single father, Donny spends his days collecting the trash of the residents alongside his best friend, Donna Reutzel, and in his off-time, focuses his energies on being the best father he can be to his young daughter, Wendy.

But when young Tyler Zeigler, a neighborhood boy, goes missing, Donny starts to fixate on finding out what has happened to him. With the local sheriff warning him off, and the town reacting to the young boy’s disappearance in a variety of confusing and suspicious ways, Donny determines to learn the truth. But the truth may not want to be revealed.

Andrew Scott stars as Donald Devlin, alongside Bronagh Waugh as Donna, Denise Gough as Betty, and Christa Beth Campbell as Wendy. From an original screenplay written by Brendan Higgins, Simon Fellows (God the Father, Malice in Wonderland)  directs the film.

The producers are Gareth Ellis-Unwin, Leon Clarance, Tai Duncan, and Mark Williams. Joining Fellows’ creative team are director of photographer Marcel Zyskind (The Two Faces of January), production designer Erik Rehl (Kajaki), casting director Nanw Rowlands (Jungle Book), editors Chris Dickens (Slumdog Millionaire) and David Arshadi (Downton Abbey), and composer John E.R. Hardy (Hinterland).

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