Let’s summon a demon!! What could go wrong? The Steinen family just moved to the area and have asked you to babysit their two high-school children, Alex and Shannon. Although they seem a little old to need a babysitter, their parents share that it is their first date night in a long time and really need it to go well. This should be a piece of cake! When Alex, the younger brother and horror enthusiast, asks if you want to play The Midnight Game, it seems harmless enough. The Midnight Game is a pagan ritual used to summon the Midnight Man, a demon who punishes rule-breakers by harvesting their organs. All will likely be fine as long as you follow the rules: don’t stop moving, keep your candle lit, and if your candle goes out, stay within the salt circle. Armed with a candle and a vile of salt, can you and your charges survive the Midnight Man?

CVRDIVC Productions achieves something truly thrilling and terrifying in its first ever experience MIDNIGHT. This hour-long immersive will have you sufficiently creeped out as you flirt with supernatural forces in the dark. Although you are tasked to play The Midnight Game, it feels more like a ritual than an actual game. This highly interactive experience will have you searching, moving, and exploring throughout. The absence of sound and light makes this experience particularly eerie when faced with things that go bump in the night. MIDNIGHT plays on childlike fears of the dark and the unknown. Although you are technically in charge of two high-schoolers, you can’t help but feel deep in over your head when confronted by demonic forces outside of your control. Questioning your own competence, you might find your inner voice pleading, “I need an adult”. Feeling scared while also feeling responsible for the well-being of others is a highlight of this experience. However, there is also a lot of comic relief present throughout. Particularly, the two children who create lighthearted and amusing banter that soften the heaviness of summoning a demonic presence. The high quality of the acting creates a believable setting which heightens participants’ immersion. Additionally, taking place in a residence, the natural setting is simplistic but highly effective in creating a realistic haunting. MIDNIGHT brings back those childhood memories of getting freaked out playing slumber party games and old fears of what can happen when you mess with something you aren’t prepared for.

Utilizing lore of The Midnight Man, CVRDIVC Productions draws on an urban legend that many are likely unfamiliar with which provides a fresh narrative to immersive horror. With a high level of suspense maintained throughout, MIDNIGHT delivers on creating an exciting and thrilling immersive experience. This experience does not involve contact with the actors and is not extreme. Fans of immersive and horror are likely to greatly enjoy this experience as it provides a fresh take on horror and has widespread appeal. CVRDIVC Productions will be releasing more opportunities for tickets in the future so make sure to check their website for any upcoming events at https://www.cardiacproductions.com/.

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