We Are The Weirdos Short Film Review: GOODNIGHT (2018)

GOODNIGHT, written & directed by Diane Michelle, is an interesting film. We can all remember being young and feeling like there was a shadow in the corner, a noise from the closet or a clamour under the bed. If you lived in a legit haunted house, well then all of that was justified. For the rest of us, we were just a victim of an overactive imagination. Diane Michelle has created a world where the noises and fear are very real.

From the moment it begins, everything just feels not right. Almost as if everyone is playing at being normal or what their perception of a normal family is.

Uncomfortable is the feeling I had through the entire piece. Joseph Kathrein plays the Father and has this look, feel and tone which is undeniably disconcerting. Everything about him screams beware. Even when playing the role of loving Father, it felt like an act. God bless little Lucy played by Penelope Piccirilli, because she’s gonna have years of therapy to pay for.

Her mother, played by Athena Isabel Lebessis is beautifully cold. There is love there for her daughter but even when she’s in the mode of worrying it feels sterile and a little robotic.

Once in her daughter’s bedroom, I do start to feel her mother’s true fear and it is then that I really got pulled into the story. Penelope Piccirilli and Joseph Kathrein have real chemistry that sells the mood and makes me want to know more about that relationship.

Overall as a huge horror short fan, GOODNIGHT delivers on the scares and leaves me wanting to know more about this family’s secrets.

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