Article: Three Films to See at Boston Underground Film Festival 2019

Boston Underground Film Festival returns to Harvard Square March 20th to the 24th!

Girl on the Third Floor

Don Koch (Phil “CM Punk” Brooks) and his wife Liz (Trieste Kelly Dunn) get in over their heads in pursuit to rehabilitate their new Victorian home, finding out their home has a dark past in the process. Will the stress of it all temp Don to fall back to habits of his own past? GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR, directed and written by Travis Stevens has its East Coast premiere Thursday, March 21 at 9:30pm.

I’m particularly excited for this film being a fan of Phil Brooks and of wrestling. I’m eager to see how he takes to the big screen.


Directed by Lucas Heyne and written by Lucas Heyne and Zack Newkirk, MOPE is a story about the seedy underbelly of the pornography industry as best friends Steve Driver (Stephen Clancy Hill) and Tom Dong (Herbert Wong) try to break out in the industry. Will the two make it in the porn industry or be stuck as faceless “Mopes” running errands for the real cast? Mope’s East Coast premiere is Friday, March 22 at 9:30pm.

Knife + Heart

French foreign film, KNIFE + HEART, directed by Yann Gonzalez and written by Yann Gonzalez and Cristiano Mangione is sure to be a kinky, surreal, sense-pleasing, and possible bloodbath of a film based on the trailer. Budget porno director, Anne (Vanessa Paradis), in the middle of a breakup with her editor and lover, Lois (Kate Moran), is caught in the middle of a murder mystery as a masked killer is picking off her actors and crew one by one. Anne must quickly uncover the killer, keep Lois around/alive, and finish her film. KNIFE + HEART has it’s New England premiere Saturday, March 23 at 9:30pm.

And of course, we cannot forget the secret screening. Last year’s secret screening was the amazing film, GHOST STORIES. I can’t speak to the film this year (because I still don’t know what it is) so I will leave you with some words from Evrim Ersoy and the BUFF team: ”It has all the elements for a scary folktale: unsuspecting adults, frightening imagery, tension thick enough to cut and an ever-ominous presence floating through the film.”

This is just a fraction of the great selection the BUFF crew has lined up for us this year. Check out the full schedule and purchase tickets here: .


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