For the Final Girls UK Film Fest’s “We Are the Weirdos” segment, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Mexican animated film, CERULIA as well as the short film, CATCALLS.

The film starts as a dream where our protagonist, Cerulia is having what seems like a flashback to her childhood and an imaginary friend she once had. Back in the real world, Cerulia receives an eviction notice but before she can turn in her keys she is led down a rabbit hole (pun intended) of sorts to discover things she had once forgotten.

Directed by Sofia Carillo, CERULIA is beautifully animated with the stop motion sets decorated in excruciating detail. Cerulia’s red eyes and ultra-pale face makes everything a little creepier and the muted tones of the surrounding sets are really effective.


In CATCALLS, we find out just what happens when you’re a pervert that terrorizes women. The film starts with two women being approached by a man asking for directions. When one of them leans in to help him out she quickly realizes he’s masturbating and he drives off while laughing at them. Once said pervert gets home, he realizes he’s being followed and things escalate from there to a pretty satisfying end. Directed by Kate Dolan, CATCALLS’ monster is creative and lends credence to the phrase “this pussy grabs back.”

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