I watched HAIR WOLF knowing literally nothing about the movie other than its title. I was hoping for either a movie about a werewolf who loved hair metal or a movie about a werewolf who had great hair. I got neither. But what I did watch was almost as bizarre and does involve lots of big hair.

As that title would suggest, this does lean heavily on the comedy. The title even pops up on the screen after a few seconds in a classic eighties b-movie style and I immediately knew I was going to enjoy the next ten minutes. HAIR WOLF takes a satirical look at black culture and how white people are attempting to take over.

We see a white female enter a black-owned hair salon and demand hair like Rhianna and “braaaids”. But the reaction she gets isn’t expected when we see she has some kind of influence over the workers of the salon.

HAIR WOLF has a very clever and witty script. So clever that it might take you a couple of watches to ‘get’ all of the ideas and jokes.  As well as covering the very topical black culture side of things, we also get a dark comedy, zombies and an interesting commentary on social media. The woman’s influence on the workers seems to come at the point that they are taking selfies which will go ‘viral’.  That word viral becoming the turning point.  Seemingly, the white character wants to be black and the black characters, while under her spell, start losing their identity.  Only remembering that identity will get them out of this curse.

HAIR WOLF is a great looking short with colour playing a big part of why it looks so good.  Set at night, it’s dark but covered with bright red and blue colours with lights that make things look almost futuristic.

There are some really inventive ways of making this a horror about black peoples status and identity. With people becoming zombies through social media and a white character (named Count Beckula by the way, which is genius!) having some kind of power over the black characters feels very timely.

Despite its subtle horror elements, this does seem very influenced by classic horror and not unlike Get Out, it is now at its most current while still being highly entertaining.

Kara Young in HAIR WOLF
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