Movie Review: CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

This might be the hardest review I ever write. 

Not because I didn’t like the movie; I did.
Not because I didn’t like the costumes; they were rad.
Not because I didn’t like the music; it was perfection.
Not because it wasn’t a perfect mix of action and humor, done in a way that only Marvel can do; it was.
But because there are SO MANY things I want to talk about, scream about, sing about…tell you about…and I can’t!

CAPTAIN MARVEL packs so much punch into its 2 hours and 12 minutes there is hardly a moment of downtime. One on one fight scenes, car chases, familiar faces (looking young AF), new characters you immediately love (and love to hate), fierce battles, twists and turns you most certainly weren’t expecting; all wrapped in a blue, red, and gold package and topped with the MCU’s perfect comedic timing. 

This film’s message is all about empowering women, and no one, from our main character, down to 11-year-old Monica Rambeau (Akira Akbar) is a damsel in distress. The film is full of strong, capable, female characters working together, and none of them needs to use their sexuality (or a man) to save her.

And while I can’t (and don’t want to) give spoilers, I can say this; there is something powerfully magical about seeing Brie Larson up on the screen, wearing the colors, getting back up every time someone knocks her down, tells her she can’t, tells her she’s “weak, just a girl” or “not good enough”.

At its core, CAPTAIN MARVEL is a story about using what you have, your strengths and weaknesses, to be the best that you can be, and not letting anyone else make you think that those things that make you YOU, aren’t good enough. It is female empowerment at it’s finest, and it shows us that being a superhero is cool, but being a kick-ass, glowing, flying, energy wielding, badass bitch is even cooler. 

Djimon Hounsou, Brie Larson, Rune Temte, Gemma Chan and Algenis Perez Soto in CAPTAIN MARVEL


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