In a futuristic train station, your departure to a new reality awaits. Majestic music fills the air setting the stage for an adventure about to unfold. You are an explorer of the unknown and anything is in the realm of possibility when you enter Dreamscape. Currently, Dreamscape is offering three different virtual reality experiences: Magic Projector, Alien Zoo, and The Blu. Each adventure is vastly different from one another creating a diverse lineup of experiences that can cater to different moods, preferences, and interests of your party. At our time at Dreamscape, the Nightmarish Conjurings team had the opportunity to experience Magic Projector and Alien Zoo, and we have a lot to say.

First, it is not an exaggeration to say that Magic Projector is exceptional. I would rank it among one of the best virtual reality experiences I have ever done. This highly impressive experience is based on the idea of stepping into the world of film and becoming the star of an epic story. The Magic Projector enables you to experience the world of an Indiana Jones-like explorer and uncover the mysteries of hidden temples. This experience is highly interactive. You are required to walk around in the experience in addition to dodging objects. Some adventurers will carry torches, burn spider webs, dodge booby traps, pull levers, and hang on for the ride! A major highlight of Magic Projector is the high quality of the VR. In particular, seeing the spider webs burn at the touch of the torch was very impressive. There are also beautiful views of the temples that are magical. The experience uses heat, air, and mist to further immerse you. Magic Projector achieves a high level of engagement in participants and truly is an escape. Although this experience is family friendly and suitable for ages 10 and up, it is highly exhilarating and may be better suited for individuals that have at least minimal experience with VR.

Although Alien Zoo has some similarities to Magic Projector, it is overall a very different experience. In Alien Zoo, you are transported onto a planet sanctuary that ensures the survival of many different alien species. Overall, this experience is less interactive however, it is highly visually stimulating. You are standing on a platform for the majority of this experience which provides the opportunity to observe beautiful jungles, rolling planes, and creepy caves. Additionally, you will encounter different alien species and may have the opportunity to interact by petting them, throwing a ball, and shining a flashlight at them. One of the highlights of this experience is popping these beautiful bubbles that burst into color and the sound of a chime at the touch. The majority of this experience is relaxed, beautiful, and playful. However, near the end of the experience, there is an element of danger that can elicit fear in participants. Additionally, this experience utilizes wind and heat which allows for further immersion. There is also a moral to the adventure which provides a thought-provoking aspect that one can take with them after the experience. Overall, Alien Zoo is an enjoyable, family-friendly adventure, that has a wide appeal.

Overall, Dreamscape provides exciting, stimulating, and high-quality family-friendly adventures. The location and design of the venue add to the experience and primes participants to embark on a journey. Participants are able to choose an avatar for their experience that has inclusive gender and racial options. There is also a comfortable lobby and refreshments available which provides a comfortable non-threatening setting for participants. The cost of the show is particularly reasonable starting at $20. Book your experience today at

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