Chaos reigns in the latest chapter of the Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection as we are lead to a secret location where secrets are unearthed and factions divided. It’s here where the grave implications of past consequences have come to light and only a few have the power to set in motion the new order to restore Oz and Kansas. Ozma has returned and Phil is preparing for the ultimate battle against his sister, Phoebe, which could result in devastating consequences for not only those involved but for both worlds. This is Chapter 8: The Slippers.

It’s a cool, rainy night in Los Angeles and I’ve arrived at my destination in hopes to find answers from those in Oz. As time ticks on, I think about the message I received earlier from the person I least expected to hear from… Oscar Diggs. As more people join me in waiting, I think back to all that’s happened recently and the devastating blow we all experienced upon learning that Dorothy has died. I don’t have much time to think back to these moments as in walks Oscar Diggs himself with a large box tightly secured with a lock. He tells us we must move quickly because he has been given the Slippers… you know, the FAMOUS slippers that both Dorothy and Glinda’s sister once wore, and it’s imperative that we give them to Glinda.

John McCormick as Oscar Diggs | Photo Courtesy of The Speakeasy Society

It’s at this point that we are taken to an undisclosed location, a safety house so-to-speak, where we find Glinda and Phil hunkered down so as to not be located by Phoebe or her allies. It’s here where tensions rise, hearts are broken, and allies are formed, but it’s also where betrayal is shown. The Slippers is an experience in which emotions run high and each character digs deep within themselves with such intensity that it’s hard not to be drawn to their passion for what needs to be done. Of course, not everyone involved has their best interest at heart, as one makes a decision that could have the potential of steering all the work that the Patchwork Resistance has done, and continues to do, off course.

I truly loved this experience and thought it was one of the most heart-wrenching that I’ve seen from Speakeasy Society’s Kansas Collection. There’s a lot to unpack emotionally as our three main characters, Glinda, Oscar, and Phil, try to understand what the meaning is behind the box with the slippers. Though a theatrical show, each performer gives their all making it near impossible to not feel the pain and confusion that they are going through. It’s really a testament to the actor’s ability to draw in the audience through intense emotional cues as well as having them interact with us so that we don’t feel like we are on the outskirts. All the actors involved, and I’m leaving one out specifically so as to not ruin the surprise, bring their A-game so as to transform the space into one filled with overflowing emotions and suspense.

Natalie Fryman as Glinda | Photo Courtesy of The Speakeasy Society

I love going to these shows because I always leave wanting more and having done the Kansas Collection for the past few years, I can say with all earnest that the shows just keep getting better and better. It’s hard not to walk away completely engrossed with the storyline as well as the constant surprises that seem to come at every corner. If you are wondering how this experience ended, well, I’m not going to spoil it for you as it’s better to experience it than read about it (unless of course, you are unable to attend – which if that is the case, please feel free to reach out to me). All I know is that once Chapter 9 arrives things will never be the same…

With one more weekend left, there is still time to get tickets, but act fast before they sell out. The Slippers will be taking place March 8-10 and tickets are $30. Tickets, and additional information, can be found at We await our lost princess…

The Slippers | Photo Courtesy of The Speakeasy Society
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