Live Theatre: Force of Nature Productions Presents ONCE UPON A RUSH

Last weekend, I was treated to my first visit to a Force of Nature ‘RUSH.’ These are a series of original play festivals produced by FON that take place over the span of 3 weeks, each time with a different theme. First, actors, writers and directors are paired into teams via a lottery system. The writer is given 5 days to produce a script and then the director uses only 3-4 rehearsals to prepare the play. An entire show, from concept to final bows, is created in only 3 weeks. Sebastian Muñoz of FON explained, “With any Rush, you will see the perfect combination of energy, collaboration, fun and passion in the innovative spirit of Force Of Nature.” He wasn’t wrong.

Photo Credit: Carlos Hernandez

For Once Upon a RUSH, participants were challenged to place classic Disney characters in various wacky situations in present-day California. Seven groups were formed at random and assigned a Disney movie for inspiration, a location in California and two silly props. The results were hilarious!

I am huge Disney nerd, but the show’s seven original plays gave me answers to burning questions I didn’t even know I had, such as: “What if Cogsworth extended his expertise into corporate event planning?” “How would Ariel and Eric spend their romantic getaway to Knotts Berry Farm?” “What if Maleficent was the last remaining inmate of Alcatraz?”

Photo Credit: Carlos Hernandez

Clever banter between prisoner Maleficent and the fairy godmother prison guards in The Dragonkeepers had me absolutely gut laughing, and I was completely surprised and impressed by the fight choreography when Ariel kicked some butt in Where The People Are. All seven of the plays were lively, comical and very well put together given the short turnaround time.

Congratulations to all cast and crew on an exceptionally fun and creative show! I look forward to attending more of Force Of Nature Productions’ RUSH events.

Photo Credit: Carlos Hernandez

Once Upon a RUSH!

Written by
Holly Sidell, Tyler Bianchi, Benjamin Scuglia, Tosca Minotto, Greg Crafts,
Steven Alloway & Jonathan Josephson

Directed by
Heather Lehigh, Corey Chappell, Jonathan Fahn, Sebastian Muñoz, Jahel Corban Caldera,
Lauren Lewis & Jerry Chappell

Featuring The Talents of:
Jon Agurcia, Jake Scozzaro, Randy Marquis, Benjamin Scuglia, Robert J. Watson,
Brett Gustafson, Gabriel Ortiz, Dan Steinberg, Michael Guthrie, Kevin Dulude, Heidi Appe,
Susan D. Marlowe, Cara Megan Vilencia, Melissa Muñoz, Tosca Minotto, Gloria Galvan,
Makenna Rae Tynan, Mia K. Williams, Georgan George, Anne Leyden, Hettie Lynne Hurtes,
Richard Marquis, Sammy Marquis, Angelica Muñoz & Samantha Peterson

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