[News] Prepare for THE INITIATION

From the creators of Rosehill Haunt and Twisted Minds Productions comes an all-new interactive theater experience, THE INITIATION.

THE INITIATION is an hour-long interactive experience created by Rosehill Haunt in collaboration with Twisted Minds Productions arriving this Spring.

Fear looms over the citizens of the Los Angeles County as violent series of killings and kidnappings have sent thousands into a panic. A group of masked killers who call themselves, “The Torrence” believe those who commit sins while living don’t deserve the blessing of life and should be sacrificed in order for redemption.

Once a month people around Los Angeles are randomly kidnapped and killed for their initiation. The FBI has been given no leads towards the cult. Until now…

THE INITIATION will run from March 29-31 and April 4-7. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased HERE. Once you select a date you will be contacted with the exact location to where your experience will start.

You will need to sign a waiver upon arrival. Children 14 and under will not be allowed and children under the age of 17 need an adult.

Are you dedicated to the Initiation? Are you ready to prove yourself? You are closer than you think… and they are too…

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