Panic Fest Review: 4EVR (2018)

4EVR, a 13-minute horror short directed by Sergio Pinheiro, follows Ginny (Alana Kearns-Green), a grieving sister who begins to experience unexplainable events after the death of her brother, Mikey (Matthew McNutt). Brian Rohan plays Alastair, Mikey’s quietly creepy roommate who offers his support to Ginny as she mourns.

In the film’s opening line, as Ginny and Alastair walk back from Mikey’s funeral, Alastair says casually, “I don’t think anyone was expecting you to give the eulogy, given the circumstances…” With that teaser, mystery and tension begin to build a slow drip of information about the siblings and their dynamic.

Psychedelic lighting transforms everyday spaces into a pyrexic nightmare as Ginny’s fears consumer her. But it’s the editing (by Danny Daneau and Pinheiro) that really steals the show, especially with the flashes of pictures of Ginny and Mikey together, highlighting their relationship as it evolves. The use of jazzy music and various ambient noises are excellent, holding the audience at attention.

4EVR delves into the dark loneliness of social media and constant connection to the outside world. Although strangely, an answering machine is prominently featured, which seems a little silly when Ginny also owns an iPhone. Nevertheless, a scene in which Ginny scrolls through Facebook is terrifying because of the two open doors behind her – such a simple setup, but effective at poking the audience into being afraid of what lurks in the darkness.

This movie has won 6 awards from film festivals. It’s easy to see why – it is fun, scary, and well made. Director Sergio Pinheiro has been directing short films since 2008, and writer Joe Fordham previously worked on Species and Species II.

Overall, 4EVR is quite scary, building tension as we learn more about Ginny and Mikey’s relationship. Complex and layered, it is well worth a watch and many rewatches to soak up all the colorful details in this fantastic horror drama.

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