Horror D&D Podcast FEAR INITIATIVE is Back For More!

After an epic first season filled with danger and laughs, FEAR INITIATIVE is back for more tabletop adventures with Season Two, premiering February 19th on all major podcast platforms!

Using the framework of Dungeons & Dragons, each week sees the cast putting their fate behind the rolls of 20-sided dice, as together they build their own original new horror story to terrify and tantalize the audience.

Led by Dungeon Master David Ian McKendry (“All The Creatures Were Stirring”), the loveable cast of misfits includes horror industry notables Megan Duffy (“Maniac”), Jeff Seidman (“American Gods”), Josh Forbes (“Contracted: Phase II”) and Morgan Peter Brown (“Absentia”), as they play their way through a story filled with twists, turns, magic, mayhem, and of course, HORROR!

With a cast made up of film and television professionals, the format of a tabletop RPG was a surprise to some of them in how creatively satisfying it felt. “When it’s working, it really is a beautiful kind of improvised storytelling where, as a group, we create our own world,” says Brown, an actor/producer. Forbes, a writer/director, enjoys the mash-up of his personal geekdom. “I knew we were all horror nerds, it turns out D&D is a really great way to play out so many different horror ideas.”

And whether it’s petrifying ghosts, bloodthirsty yeti or a ballad sung by a Bugbear Barbarian, the unlikely heroes never know what fresh hell is lurking around the corner… This season has some incredible surprises in store, including Special Guest Stars, new drama, new music and much more! Be on the lookout for more announcements coming soon and make sure to get caught up on all 16 episodes of Season One of FEAR INITIATIVE before the adventure begins again February 19th!

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