Escape Room Review: The Escape Hotel Presents THE ATTIC

If the devil’s in the details, then he reigns supreme at The Escape Hotel. Located in the heart of Hollywood, this is one place every Ghoul should know about.  I sit down in one of the leather loveseats in the lobby. A mood slowly starts to creep over me and I relax into the carefully curated character of this place.

As Tiny Tim sings Tiptoe through the tulips, and the check-in bell rings, I’m ready for my proper introduction to The Escape Hotel.

Jacqueline the lovely Social Media Manager meets me in the lobby and gives me the low down on the hotel. Ivan Leon, Kitti Herczeg, and Ion Beroiz hailing from Spain, Columbia, and Hungary are the creators of the Hotel. The owners, having come from film backgrounds, wanted to create not just a game, but an experience, with The Escape Hotel. The Game begins the moment you walk through the lobby doors and are transported into Old Hollywood.

Some escape rooms buy the puzzles that are used in their games, The Escape Hotel creates all their puzzles in-house and each room is meticulously put together with each theme in mind. Every detail from the sounds you hear to the keys you turn, help create this all-encompassing moment that you want to fully be submerged in.

Image Courtesy of The Escape Hotel

My boyfriend (*who has asked to be described as handsome, charming and super strong) and I decided to try out The Attic. This is one of the many horror-themed rooms which has a higher difficulty level than some of the more beginner rooms. The Attic also has the most jump scares of the many rooms available. Currently, the fastest anyone has finished has been in 25 minutes.

Before beginning, Lauren, the front desk hostess with the mostess check us in and we receive a lovely passport with our picture on the inside. Leading up to the room, the rules are explained and the fun begins. I won’t divulge any secrets, but what I will say is I’ve never had so much fun being frustrated.  My adrenaline was pumping, we tasted success as we figured a puzzle out and moved on. We watched the clock tick down, nervously laughed, and cursed as the time ran out. An hour seemed like a second, and as they say, time flies when you’re trying to escape from a girl named Elena and her Demon friends.

This experience is one for the whole family, first dates, family reunions, or bonding with your work crew.  Be prepared to use every corner of your brain, and have the time of your life. Check-In at The Escape Hotel, Check out a Happy Ghoul.

Image Courtesy of The Escape Hotel
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