HAUNTED HOSPITAL: HEILSTÄTTEN is the latest film from director Michael David Pate (Sweetheart).  The film is also written by Pate and Ecki Ziedrich (Wilsburg). HAUNTED HOSPITAL: HEILSTÄTTEN stars Nilam Farooq (SOKO Leipzig), Farina Flebbe (Walpurgisnacht), and Sonja Gerhardt (Cold Feet).

The general premise of the story follows a group of vloggers who have acquired illegal access into a condemned asylum known as Heilstätten. Why? You probably guessed it, but it’s for a really inane “Will You Survive the Night” viral social media challenge. These young vloggers go in seemingly prepared. They have all the equipment that they think they would need thanks to well-known haunt shows out there. They have night vision and thermal cameras at their disposal and lots of obnoxious energy for the cameras.

These adrenaline junkies chase the rumors that surround this abandoned asylum about paranormal activity. Numerous people have died here. It used to be an asylum for patients of tuberculosis, so there is a general feeling of otherworldliness. Unfortunately, for these kids, all of the rumors are true.

The plot of HAUNTED HOSPITAL: HEILSTÄTTEN is fairly generic and does little to elevate what has become a very overdone storyline. The one bright point in all of this was the twist featured towards the end of the film. But the twist was conveyed to us in a heavy-handed fashion, which I could say is very much on par with what the movie delivered. Subtlety is not really a working principle in this film. However, what ultimately prevented this film from lifting off, even with the twist, was the combination of poor storytelling with the rather poor acting delivery given by the young actors in the film.

Overall, HAUNTED HOSPITAL: HEILSTÄTTEN will let you down about as much as you expect if you casually look at the description online. It does benefit from the cleaner found footage style as has become the standard for vlogging in our social media age. However, the characters are for the most part caricatures. The acting isn’t great and the scares are predictable. The twist revealed within the last 15 minutes of the film did help provide something new, but the execution could have been handled a lot better. That being said, if you want to see a bunch of the worst kind of vloggers meet their demise by being stupid, this may be the best type of film to hate-watch.

HAUNTED HOSPITAL: HEILSTÄTTEN is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray Combo & DVD.

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