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This winter Fox in a Box LA opened its doors to its newest escape room DRACULA: THE FINAL HOUR. Developed over the course of three years, the creators took time designing a unique and visually appealing room; and it shows. This 60-minute escape game will get your heart pumping as you race the clock to escape Dracula’s lair with your blood still inside your body.

From unique spaces to clever puzzles to surprising use of tech, DRACULA: THE FINAL HOUR has many elements that would be appreciated by horror enthusiasts and escape room junkies alike. First, there is a great use of space and set design that adds to the ambience of this room. Every set piece of this room corresponds to the theme which adds to the immersive element.

Image Courtesy of Fox in a Box

Additionally, the puzzles are congruent with the time period and are challenging. With custom hand constructed technology, the puzzles include innovative use of magnets, lights, and sounds which are a highlight of this room. Although the puzzles are linear for the most part, there is often not an obvious clue as to what you are solving for which can add to the difficulty. However, with a 42% escape rate, the creators strive to have a high number of people complete the room. There is also a systematic hint system where teams are able to ask for hints every 10 minutes to avoid getting stuck. Since the entire space is fully utilized, this game requires teamwork and effective communication. At one point, teammates have to split up to complete a puzzle which serves to utilize the strengths of everyone in your group.  

In two areas of this room, there is an element of claustrophobia that is worth mentioning. Although one area can be avoided by most members on your team, there is another area that is unavoidable. With a group of 6, this particular setting can feel cramped. However, it has the effect of increasing the sense of urgency and setting the tone of the room. 

Overall, DRACULA: THE FINAL HOUR is an entertaining and well-crafted escape game that adds to the diverse repertoire of games Fox In A Box currently offers. Tickets can be purchased HERE and more information can be found at

Image Courtesy of Fox in a Box
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