Panic Fest Short Film Review: DODAH (2018)

Jondaniel Cornett’s short film DODAH is pretty much the perfect summation of what most women wish would happen to men who sexually assaulted them. Coming in at just about six minutes, this doesn’t yield any less effectiveness to that of a full-length feature.

Trevor (Travis Owens, Audacity) and Jess (Jill Jordan, Elsewhere) show up at Jess’ apartment for what looks like some fun “extracurricular activities” after a date. We only see a blurry background shot of the two kissing and going into another room while the focus is on a ticking clock in the foreground.

The next scene, we have Trevor in the bathroom on the phone with his friend, Jake (Tanner Thomason, Fear Inc.) telling him about his conquest. Turns out that this was not a date, this was a one-night stand with a girl he met at the party they had all attended earlier that evening. Jake refers to how drunk she was. At this point is where the film really comes to its’ focal point.

This film is about what consent means. How, if someone is too drunk to know what’s going on, you probably shouldn’t have sex with them. We all know that things like this happen way too often and wish that they wouldn’t have. Up until recent years, no one would even refer to these incidents as rape or sexual assault, but guess what? They are!!!

The ending of the film is very satisfying; in that, you find out what DODAH means, and will make you wish you had one in your life for any asshole who was confused about the rules of consensual sex. This film is one that definitely kills it for the #MeToo era, and is something I think every man between the ages of 16-70 should watch right now, just so they can figure out the difference between right and wrong, which for some reason is extremely complicated for some of them to understand.

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