Photo Courtesy of The LEGO Space Hollywood

As I’m sure many of our readers have come to learn, we love pop-up experiences here at Nightmarish Conjurings. Whether it’s horror-inspired such as the Neibolt House or a more kid-friendly approach such as Smallfoot, there’s something inherently enjoyable about going through a space created to look like scenes from movies. For the upcoming The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which opens nationwide on February 8th, we had the chance to check out THE LEGO SPACE HOLLYWOOD, the fully immersive, interactive world of the newest Lego film, located at Hollywood & Vine in California.

THE LEGO SPACE HOLLYWOOD is a 6,000 sq ft space that allows guests the opportunity to experience scenes from the upcoming movie. When we first arrived we made our way through Apocalypseburg, formerly Bricksburg, which allowed for some stellar photo-ops that included a busted Statue of Liberty and a rather large, and slightly intimidating, Lego Batman. We then made our way over to Coffee Unchained where we played around with some of the props and pretended to drink coffee out of very large mugs. But the real highlight of this space was having the chance to explore Emmett’s house where guests could get a picture of themselves with Emmett, explore his kitchen and the unique food options he has, and plant Lego trees & flowers in his yard. Upon exiting Emmett’s home there was a small bunker-like area with Lucy’s very special binoculars that gave guests a glimpse into what they can expect from the film.

Photo Courtesy of The LEGO Space Hollywood

After we finished exploring all that Apocalypseburg had to offer, we were then ushered into a second room designed to look like Systar System, the name will make sense once you see the movie but just picture a high-energy solar system. It’s here where all the real fun begins as my boyfriend and I took part in a dance-off on spinning turntables as well as experienced a confetti photo booth shaped like a DUPLO heart. What’s really cool about this space is that it appeals to both kids and adults, so if you bring your little ones they can build Lego creations in a black light activated build space while you and your friends take all the IG-worthy selfies imaginable. I found myself incredibly impressed with the vast amount of activities before me as well as the phenomenal production design that was executed. It was also very heartwarming to see so many families interacting with each other as well as seeing all the smiles on each and every person’s face.

Photo Courtesy of The LEGO Space Hollywood

What Warner Bros. has accomplished with THE LEGO SPACE HOLLYWOOD is quite astonishing. No matter how many times I’ve seen, or experienced, their film tie-in attractions I’m always left feeling impressed and inspired. In the case of this event, it’s something that is definitely accessible to the whole family and one that I think many people will enjoy taking their kids too. THE LEGO SPACE HOLLYWOOD will be running from now until February 10th and tickets are free by visiting In the event that tickets have sold out, there is a standby line for guests. With that said, grab your family and/or friends and get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind space filled with photo ops, surprises, adventures, and so much more!!

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