A few weekends ago, some of us from Nightmarish Conjurings got together to do our first unboxing video at the newly renovated Howard Johnson in Anaheim, CA, which offers a 15% discount to our readers who use the code LNLR!

Since myself, along with Roxy Tart and Sarah Musnicky, love all things spooky, we decided to kick things off with England’s own Spooky Box Club, and honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better unboxing to do!

As per the Spooky Box Website, their goal is to give subscribers the best in creativity and value for their money as well as unique items that can’t be purchased anywhere else. Each month, they set out to make a new theme and we were lucky enough to see what was inside their Boohemian (get it???) Box!

See what we uncover in the video below, and make sure to visit Spooky Box Club at www.spookyboxclub.com to sign up for their monthly subscription box which is only $27.20US (does not include shipping) and give their Instagram a follow @spookyboxclub!


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