First, let me just say it’s an honor to review LOOK TWICE for the 2019 Panic Film Festival. It’s definitely one of the best festivals out there with quality films and talented filmmakers, including the short film I’m going to be reviewing today, LOOK TWICE.

This short was directed by Kyle Wilson as well as co-written by himself and William Davis. The cast includes Darren Lee Campbell, Rick Montgomery Jr. and Tory James. The story centers around a night surveillance security guard who spots an unusual trespasser on the property. To his misfortune, the intruder appears paranormal and deadly. Or is it?

This short is less than 8 minutes long but each minute had my full and undivided attention. It made me remember what it felt like working a night shift and having your mind can play tricks on you. Paranoia hits and suddenly you’re uncomfortable even in your own skin. Are you really seeing that? Did that just really happen?

LOOK TWICE delivers a thrilling story of mystery and suspense with one of the highlights being the strong performance from Darren Lee Campbell. I could feel the tension radiating off his body onto the screen and the fear he felt. I also really enjoyed the special effects as they worked perfectly for the short and made it stand out.

Make sure to check out all the films and reviews for the 2019 Panic Film Festival especially LOOK TWICE. You won’t be disappointed!

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