Drunken Devils’ BLOODY GRAS Returns With a Vengeance
Artwork: Ian O’Phelan

Drunken Devil’s third annual horror-themed Mardi Gras soiree returns for an all-new experience, transporting guests to the underbelly of New Orleans in Bloody Gras: Black Magic.

Drunken Devil guests will be transported to New Orleans, circa 1984, and follow in the footsteps of Robert Benoit, a street busker whose dreams of becoming a world-famous magician are nearly realized when he sells his soul to the Devil. Unfortunately, he’s double-booked his soul, having promised it to a powerful voodoo priestess, Mama Conjure. Throughout the evening, guests will interact with Robert, Mama Conjure, members of Conjure’s voodoo coven, and the Drunken Devil himself—piecing together a twisted narrative as they find themselves in the middle of a battle for Robert’s soul…ultimately leading to a shattering, bloody finale.

In addition to the immersive theatrical storyline, attendees will enjoy craft cocktails featuring modern twists on classic New Orleans cocktails; tantalizing burlesque and variety acts featuring internationally-recognized performers; roaming conjurors performing phantasmagorical feats of magic; and a live hot jazz band that will bring the sounds of New Orleans to life. In traditional Drunken Devil fashion, the end of the night will see a disco ball light up the event, turning the horror Mardi Gras soiree into an ‘80s-inspired dance party.

Bloody Gras: Black Magic will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2019, at Civic Center Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. Formal attire reflecting the decadence and debauchery of Mardi Gras is requested. Tickets to the strictly 21+ celebration are non-refundable/non-transferable and due to the nature of this event, limited tickets are available!

Tickets for Drunken Devil’s Bloody Gras: Black Magic are available at restlessnites.com/blackmagic.

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