I’m always trying to watch as many films as I can and support as many filmmakers as humanly possible. When something needs to be covered, I often jump on it without knowing much about the film. In doing so, sometimes I’m left with regrets meanwhile other times I discover wondrous gems that I would have never heard of before.

EYES AT THE SPECTER GLASS is the latter. This film is one of the official selections of Slamdance 2019 and it’s quite an experience. Matthew Wade is the animator and he also did the score and editing along with Jacob Kinch who oversaw the sound mix.

The synopsis for this film is “A consciousness reflects upon the collected memories of the sentient cosmic explorers it has harvested experiences from.” I know this will leave many readers wondering what the heck that means and honestly you need to watch this film to truly understand.

The creator states that EYES AT THE SPECTER GLASS is “meant to be experienced large and loud” and I can totally understand why. In less than 12 minutes, this intense and eye-opening short will take you on a mysterious galactic journey.

At first, I kept expecting something more to happen. Dialogue. A character to pop up. Something. Instead, we just stare into the wide open oblivion which lets us explore the own meaning of what is going on so as to get lost in it. It’s a bit eerie and chilling, yet as the runtime goes on, it becomes more calming and sensational to watch.

EYES AT THE SPECTER GLASS is definitely something I recommend checking out especially on the big screen. It won’t be for everyone, but I think many people will find it fascinating.

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