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We approached the apartment with caution, not quite knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Our investigation into the disappearances of many children had led us to this final location. However, without sufficient evidence revealing the true identity of what many had dubbed the Krampus Killer, we would not be able to leave without either losing face or losing our lives. With only an hour until the suspect’s return, we had to act fast. We opened the door and took a step inside. And thus, Nightmarish Conjurings explored THE KRAMPUS.

When participants step inside THE KRAMPUS escape room, it does feel like you’ve entered a person’s apartment. Keeping with the Christmas spooky theme, the “apartment” is covered with Christmas memorabilia with Krampus-related clues interwoven within for participants to solve. The dim lighting combined with the TV static and occasional sound cues when the clock hits a certain point in its countdown add up to ramp up the tension while participants race against time. This becomes especially so once participants have access to all portions of the room, which will require all teammates to get involved in the problem solving.

While there is a bigger mystery at play, there is an opportunity for teams to solve a bonus box that can be found as you advance further in the escape room’s narrative. If you solve the box and escape the room successfully, you get a little mini prize at the end of the game. However, if you do not solve the box or if you solve the box, but fail to escape from the room itself, you will not get a prize. Although my team did not have the time to tackle the bonus box, many more experienced escape room connoisseurs will relish the opportunity to solve this additional puzzle.

For a beginner of escape rooms like myself, this room provided enough challenges without being too overwhelmingly difficult. All of the clues that exist within the room all point to one another, providing those who like more linear puzzles more comfort in the experience. However, the spooky ambiance works to unnerve and scare participants, which works to psychologically slow down those who are not prepare for scary happenings. And with the clues that participants will find, there will be many questions as to whether or not THE KRAMPUS that is approaching closer is human or something much more. However, if you get stuck, there are opportunities for hints to help participants along the way.

In terms of how sensory friendly this escape room is, I would say that it has about what you would expect if you went to a smaller haunt. The room is for the most part dimly lit, so expect to squint regardless of whether or not you have a prescription. There are also sounds like static that may not be savory for those who do experience auditory sensory overload. Again, though, I would say that the sensory friendliness is about what one would find in a small, less extreme haunt.

The Downtown location can be tricky when it comes to parking, especially during the busier evening hours on the weekends. But there is an open lot located right behind the 60 Out location that will alleviate some of the parking hassle that many of us have begrudgingly come to accept.

Would I recommend this escape room to someone? You betcha! With the spooky haunted atmosphere, the fun storyline, and the puzzles that are constructed to accommodate all experience levels, THE KRAMPUS checks all the boxes that I require for a fun and exciting escape room adventure.

Do you want to catch THE KRAMPUS before it’s too late? Snag your tickets here.

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