If you want to make a movie, buy STALKINGS, read it, get the rights, and make a movie about it! Hollywood needs more stories like this one!

STALKINGS is a World War II graphic novel about women spies (the beginning of the book even tells you to Google these Women’s names: Vera Atkins, Nancy Wake, Josephine Baker, Edith Cavell, etc). The self-published graphic novel is by Alex Dandino and Evan Peter.

Alex Dandino even writes in the intro about how they were astounded and blown away by the stories of female spies they researched about. Dandino also thanked his dad for watching the History Channel and AMC while he was growing up.

They also shared the best way to read STALKINGS, which Dandino admits was supposed to be a weekly, 1-page comic and that Peters work is supposed to be absorbed. They may want you to not rush reading it, but it’s hard not too.

STALKINGS specifically tells the story of five OSS agents (Nancy “Lips” DeLeon, Christine “Beauty” Darling, Virginia “Peg” Alexander, Molly “Red Boyd,” and Violette “Cinder’ Kane). We get a look at each woman’s back story and their battles against the Nazi Regime as well as getting vengeance for the death of one of their own.  It’s bloody, intense, and intriguing!

I enjoyed the artwork of STALKINGS and liked that it used black and white panels.  It may be the time period that it takes place in, but I found the artwork to remind me of something that my grandparents would have read at the dime store or as something I read as a kid (aka Frank Miller). The retro feel for me is another win.

Dandino and Peter know how to convey a story based on fiction and fact! They also know how to construct some kickass women that are more than one dimension. If you find World War II history, spies, and killer characters interesting, you’ll then want to read STALKINGS sooner than later. STALKINGS is now available for purchase HERE.

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