Based on Deborah Harkness’ best selling book of the same name, we are taken on a ride with vampires, witches and supernatural beings in A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, now available on Sundance Now and Shudder, and the ride couldn’t be better.

It’s honestly a refreshing look at the world of vampires and supernatural beings without the Twilight stereotype surrounding it. This is more of an adult take on this world and it’s about time.

Granted, this doesn’t bring anything quite new to this series but it does include the devilishly handsome vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) who meets Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), a witch who doesn’t really use her powers, she just lectures on alchemy. Of course they fall in love and this causes a stir because of course their kinds can’t be together. But as you continue to watch the series, it does have it’s own unique storyline that keeps you wanting more and is an enjoyable weekend binge watch.

Palmer plays an interesting character, alchemy historian Diana Bishop, who finds this magical manuscript that apparently everyone in the spiritual circle has been looking for. While being chased to find this book, Diana and Clairmont (Goode) have really great on screen chemistry and some scenes were quite steamy.

At first, Diana has issues using her powers, but Clairmont is able to open her up and see her full potential that was destined since she was a child. I do love seeing them together and seeing their relationship bloom as he helps her grow into her powers. However, one can get caught up in a great romance. This first season does a great job of setting things up with a really great cast as well. But no romance is perfect. There is a Congregation, which is a ruling body like government for all spiritual beings and they do not approve of Diana and Clairmont’s relationship and desperately want the ancient manuscript. Again, the cast shines here with Game of Thrones alum Owen Teale playing Peter Knox, a member of the Congregation who is out to get Diana and the book. But we just get a glimpse of what the Congregation is and I hope this is more looked at in depth in season 2 that will be arriving. We get a taste and we just want more. Other amazing actors, including Valarie Pettiford and Alex Kingston who play family members of Diana who are also witches and raised her after her parent’s mysterious death.

But only at 8 episodes, it seems like we just barely got to the surface, so thankfully we will have a season two! This is a great binge watch and now I want to go and read Deborah Harkness’ books to know more. If you’re a Sundance Now or Shudder member, I highly recommend sinking your teeth into this series. (Yeah, I did that).

Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer in A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES
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