When was the last time you really felt connected to yourself? To others? To the universe and everything? To life? For many of us, the demands of life are barriers to really connecting with the quiet stillness of our being. At least they are for me. Have I forgotten how to connect? More likely, I have been connected all along. I just never took the time to really notice and experience it.

LIVEPLAY will challenge you to really connect. This 44 minute long immersive encounter will give you a mirror to observe the cosmos within yourself. Drawing on ancient Jewish mysticism, you will be tasked with harnessing Merkaba or light, spirit, body. How will having knowledge of the presence of the divine within you and an experience of the one-ness of everything change the way you live your daily life?

More than anything, LIVEPLAY is a personal and intimate experience. It relies heavily on one’s openness and willingness to be vulnerable. Without a narrative, it is truly an encounter.  With your empathic and disarming guide, Keight Leighn you have the opportunity to truly be present and connect. The utilization of guided meditation and cards opens up a space for exploration. With the gentle and curious assistance of your guide, you can discuss and process your experience of connection and explore those existential questions ever-present in the background of life. The power of this experience greatly relies in the participant’s willingness to consider their own humanness and life’s purpose.

The creator, Keight Leighn, is pushing the bounds of immersive theater in this evocative piece. To my knowledge, this is the first, or at least one of the first, online platformed immersive experiences based in Los Angeles. However, in utilizing Skype, there is opportunity to extend immersive theater globally. Although utilizing an online platform creates a technological barrier to a face-to-face encounter and invites technical difficulties to potentially impede connection (i.e. poor service, dropped calls, etc), for this particular piece it was well suited. Being in the comfort of one’s home is a disarming setting that invites the vulnerability required to explore one’s essence.

Additionally, the creator is challenging what is considered a play and pushing the genre of theater forward in a significant way. As a one-woman show that feels unscripted without a particular narrative, LIVEPLAY does not follow traditional formulations of theater. Keight Leighn’s natural, curious and non-judgmental presence and talent for improv invites this really unique experience in the present. Play, in reference to this experience, speaks more to the verb part of speech in exploring and playing with existential ideas. LIVEPLAY is playing with ideas in the present and experiencing what it is to be alive.

Tickets for LIVEPLAY can be purchased for $35 from https://www.eventbee.com/v/liveplay#/tickets

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