Movie Review: DRY BLOOD (2019)

Horror fans view the world through a unique lens. Given that I’m a lifelong devotee to this treasured genre, as are the vast majority of the people I choose to surround myself with, this different view seldom becomes apparent to me. However, once in awhile I am reminded. Back in August, my other half and I set out to spend a romantic evening in a cabin in the mountains. After watching The Blair Witch Project, and being more than familiar with the likes of Evil Dead, we ended up sharing a mutual unease.

Not unlike my previous anecdote, DRY BLOOD is situated within the confines of a log house in a rural mountain town. It’s sole occupant, Brian, is a man struggling with addiction, confining himself in efforts to become sober, once and for all. Unbeknownst to him, the extreme withdrawals blur the lines between fantasy and reality – Conjuring up a waking nightmare, unsure of what is real and what isn’t.

It has been a long while since I’ve been disturbed enough by a horror film that I am forced to outwardly exclaim profanities. This happened for me multiple times during DRY BLOOD, and in one specific instance brought back the exact feeling of discomfort I recall experiencing as a child upon my first exposure to the infamous bathroom scene in The Shining. Sharing a general sense of confusion along with our leading man, as a viewer I was unsure of what truly was real and what wasn’t. All I’m certain of was that this felt like a high I’ve been chasing – Longing for nightmarish sequences to frighten me in a genre I’ve sadly grown desensitized to.

This film worked very well for me. The gore was top notch, and cringe inducing – A particular scene of brutality in the third act is so uncomfortably intense that it has been tormenting my psyche since viewing. I’m beyond elated to report that effects are mostly practical, and my retinas were safe from the blasphemous assault of CGI blood. Well-paced, and with an especially bonkers conclusion, the story flowed like an enjoyable, yet hauntingly restless fever dream. I’m guilty of being negligent in terms of scoping out contemporary horror, especially that of the low budget variety. I feel like this flaw in my behaviour is likely to be altered after experiencing DRY BLOOD.

DRY BLOOD will be available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD on January 15, 2019. To pre-order click HERE.

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