Movie Review: PRODIGY (2018)

PRODIGY is a film from Uncork’d Entertainment that was released earlier this year. The film is about a father who must protect his estranged son from the outside world because he predicted three end-of-world events.

PRODIGY stars Jeffrey Arrington, Tyler Roy Roberts, Cory Kays, Adam Elliot Davis, and King Amir Allahyar. The director of the drama thriller is Nathan Leon, who is known for his short films Limbo and D.O.A. From what his IMDb says, PRODIGY looks like his first feature film.

PRODIGY feels like a more serious film coming from their distributors Uncork’d Entertainment usual fare like Elves or all those Mother Krampus films (I love how over-the-top those films are, so no dissing there). Honestly, I wasn’t totally hooked.

It’s your usual kid (this time named Caleb) who has a gift, the government/other organizations want to intervene, and then someone from the kid’s past comes to help. This time it’s the estranged father (Erik) who never got over the death of his wife. It’s an overdone story (even with adults, the film that comes to mind is Hereafter, though Leon does have a few directing tricks.

His son Caleb gets these visions about the future by a higher power (God?) and with his third prophecy, he needs his father’s help. There is plenty of self-discovery, especially for Erik who kind of learns that he needs to be a father first then letting the past haunt him. The themes of redemption, a higher life, and chance are all swirled together in this less than two-hour film.

Another problem that I found is how generic not only the plot is, but the characters. The bad guys are your usual cliches, but then again aren’t all bad guys in movies a little cliche? That’s probably true.

Overall I can’t say that PRODIGY was for me, but there is an audience out there that will find some appreciation for it. If you are interested in those revelation kinds of movies, you’ll definitely find PRODIGY to be for you. PRODIGY is now available on VOD.

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