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Society does a pretty good job of painting a picture of what the holiday’s should look like: an extravagant Christmas tree surrounded by gifts wrapped in shiny paper and large bows. Families in matching pajamas sit with smiles on their faces and cocoa in their mugs. It’s a beautiful image of fabricated perfection, but one that is far from the truth for most people. That’s not to say that there aren’t many who experience the joy that the holidays can bring, but behind all the bright lights, there are those who suffer. No show exemplifies that better than Zombie Joe’s BLOOD ALLEY CHRISTMAS.

Directed by Zombie Joe and Elif Savas, BLOOD ALLEY CHRISTMAS features vignettes of the most depraved, horrific, and stomach-churning scenes imaginable. What really sells the show are the performances from the actors as they give their all to bring each of these shocking tales to life. Along with these actors, which includes Steve Alloway, Jason Britt, Victoria Calix, Nicole A. Craig, Michelle Danyn, Chris Fogelsong, Warren Hall, Jorge Lozano, Amanda McKenna, Elif Savas, Brandon Slezak, and Kevin Van Cott, a live musical score is performed by Kevin “The Cop” Van Cott. The combination of the live music, in conjunction with the performances, make the overall experience feel like a hallucinogenic fever dream that you can’t wake from.

To say that this show is not for the faint of heart would be an understatement, as the topics and themes addressed range from abuse (both sexual and physical), murder, drug use, and everything in-between, which are then play out in front of the audience. Nudity also plays a large role in the show, allowing for a much more vivid picture to unfold. Throughout each scene, no matter how dark and sinister it get, there is always a nod to the holiday spirit. Whether it is an appearance by the man himself, Santa Claus, or Christmas lights tied around an unassuming victim, or an homage to DAWN OF THE DEAD where we see zombified people shopping for the holidays, the unpleasant side of Christmas is on full display.

BLOOD ALLEY CHRISTMAS is the exact thing you need in your life if you want to get away from all the cheerful holiday displays. Though the themes can be quite heavy to bear, they do showcase an important message, a message in that these things happen all around us. As Christmas approaches, we should all be mindful of those who are struggling, of those who are lost, and of those who don’t have the voice to ask for help. BLOOD ALLEY CHRISTMAS is more than a performance, it’s a look into a world that many of us may not be familiar with and it shines a light on topics that few are willing to touch, which is why I appreciate each and every show I go to. With that said, grab your closest friends, head over to Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre and prepare for a Yuletide event unlike anything else!

BLOOD ALLEY CHRISTMAS will have performances on December 7, 8, 14, & 15 at 11pm. Advance tickets are on sale and can be purchased at This show is not intended for those under the age of 16.

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