The festive premiere of Rebekah McKendry, PHD and David Ian McKendry’s new horror anthology ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING was hosted by the beautiful Los Feliz landmark theatre, The Vista, founded in 1923 which means the theatre is celebrating it’s 95th birthday this year.

Even though I am a Grinch who insists on waiting until December to unleash any Christmas celebrations, I made an exception for the McKendry’s newest film since I have a non-Grinch like respect for the pair’s love of horror and horror film knowledge. There was an air of comradeship at this premiere that I don’t see too much and the detail of the ugly sweater wearing alien who liked to boogie down made it a wonderful occasion that even Santa might show up for despite his deadlines.

The writer director team talked a little bit about the genesis of the film, which comes from their love of horror but also of Christmas itself.

ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING is a very charming yet ultra violent Christmas comedy and horror story anthology. Consisting of five segments and a wrap around story, it is surprising and heart warming as well. You can see the creator’s love of both Halloween and Christmas in the film, as well as their past experiences with experimental theatre, which are laugh out loud hilarious. Rebekah McKendry, PHD, actually directed the film while pregnant and gave birth during the filming, which tells you the determination and care that the creators lavished upon the finished product.

ALL THE CREATURES WERE STIRRING stars Constance Wu – Crazy Rich Asians, Amanda Fuller – Orange Is The New Black, Jonathan Kite – 2 Broke Girls, Jocelin Donahue – Insidious: Chapter 2, and Graham Skipper – The Mind’s Eye, as well as horror fan favorites Maria Olsen – Starry Eyes and Megan Duffy – Maniac. The film will be released on December 4th, 2018 through On Demand, Digital Video, on DVD. Shortly thereafter, you can also stream it on Shudder, the horror fan’s best friend among the many streaming outlets. Don’t miss this very funny and very chilling slice of Christmas Horror cheer. Blitzen will not be pleased if you do.

(L-R): Director Rebekah McKendry and Dolores Quintana
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