As I mentioned last week, Nightmarish Conjurings is currently reviewing all the films in the Twilight Saga for its special anniversary. This time, I will be looking back on BREAKING DAWN PART 1.

This was the first time watching this film as a married woman (as I’m a newlywed) and it made this viewing experience all that much more special. In BREAKING DAWN PART 1, Bella finally marries the love of her life, Edward, and everything seems perfect. That is until some honeymoon loving results in an unexpected and deadly pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. Edward has super sperm and despite his vampirism… he has knocked up Bella.

Although having a baby isn’t the end of the world, it could be for Bella. The baby is growing at a rapid pace and Bella’s body is shutting down. She refuses to get rid of it causing a feud between her and new husband. Will he be able to turn her before it’s too late?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more bizarre… it does. The baby is born, and all is well, even Jacob has come to terms with the whole thing a little more than anticipated. He’s imprinted on the baby and this is supposed to explain why his love for Bella was always so strong but didn’t work. It’s still weird if you ask me, but I guess at least they are one big happy family.

They’re a few things I love about BREAKING DAWN PART 1. One is the beautiful wedding. It’s enchanting and something out of a fairytale. Plus, the speeches are hilarious especially ones from Emmett and Charlie. We finally get to witness Edward and Bella get it on and you’re lying if you’re fan of this saga and weren’t waiting for this moment. The scene where Bella is waking up and feathers are falling slowly onto her hair due to the bed being destroyed is a beautiful moment and captures that feeling perfectly. We also discover how strong-willed Bella really is and how it constantly has put her in danger throughout the films especially this one.

Some of the things that bug me are how quickly Bella turns her back on Edward once she discovers she’s pregnant. I get a Mother’s love is deep, but she was obsessed with Edward from day one and then suddenly, it’s like his needs or wants didn’t matter. Nothing else mattered. I suppose that’s selfless, but it also just didn’t seem to fit well with the story. Along with this, I always thought Jacob imprinting on Bella’s daughter was odd. I get it, but it just makes me feel weird after the whole love triangle situation. Anyone else feel this way?

BREAKING DAWN PART 1 is a fun edition to the Twilight saga. The first half is light-hearted while the second half is drama-fueled and intense. It was fun revisiting and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you on BREAKING DAWN PART 2 next week!

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