Blood Rage

Halloween may be over, but the seasonal fun times are just beginning. Horror lives on all year round for any dedicated genre fan, with the upcoming seasons bringing more holiday favorites to the table. I personally love November, but for many, it can act as a vacant, lonely month. Below I’ve listed ten movies that are sure to cure any post-Halloween blues you may be experiencing, and act as a good bridge between the watchings of Halloween to Christmas horror. In no particular order, this list varies from cult favorites, to 80s comedies, to the campiest of films that all share similar things in common – Thanksgiving and the transition from fall to winter.


Pet Sematary

November is a cold month that exhibits the death of everything around us. With its barren trees and shriveling fields, what better movie to start off the month than with Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary? I love this film, and though not the best, it still remains to be one of my favorite King adaptations. This movie is the perfect post-Halloween watch, as the story takes place through Thanksgiving, and showcases the ever lovable (and creepy) Church the cat.



Pumpkinhead has always felt like one of the perfect watches to transition any horror fan from fall to winter. Its subject matter screams autumn, and houses some of the best practical creature effects of all-time, created by Stan Winston. I have yet to meet a soul who doesn’t enjoy this movie.

THE WITCH (2016)

The Witch

One of my favorites of 2016, The Witch offers an ambiance that feels very deep within the fall season. It’s unclear what time of year this movie takes place, but it certainly feels like the thralls of November, with its cold and desolate settings. Although not for everyone, this film remains to be a slow burning and well-written spooky little folktale, portraying the struggling settlers who are trying to get by and start over… but unfortunately, things don’t quite turn out as planned.


Blood Rage

A now cult from 1987, Blood Rage delivers the Thanksgiving goods wrapped in a demented, blood-dripped package. It really does stand as one of the only decent Thanksgiving-themed horror films to date. Not only containing some great and very realistic gore effects, Blood Rage also has an iconic poster to boot, making this a must-watch for the season.


Uncle Buck

No matter the theme, at least one (if not two) John Hughes films should make your list, with Uncle Buck being a great watch for November. This film is such a hilarious classic, and also takes place during a cold time of year, which could very well be November for all we know. This is a movie that will never get old.


Home Sweet Home

The thing about most Thanksgiving horror is that they are incredibly campy, and pretty bad; bad to the point of being inexcusably terrible, and Home Sweet Home is firing on all cylinders in that department. The acting is poor, the dialogue is hokey, but regardless of all of this, something within this movie still draws you in, allowing you to put up with the bad to just enjoy it for what it is and have yourself a good holiday laugh.



Not a movie I generally care for, but the pickin’s are slim when it comes to Thanksgiving-themed horror, so we might as well take what we can get. This flick has a little too much cheese for my taste, but hey, if overly comedic cheese is your thing, than this flick deserves a watch this month.


Blood Freak

I mean, what can you really say about Blood Freak? It’s not Thanksgiving, but it does house a mutated turkey monster that attacks and kills drug dealers, so… what more can you ask for? Give it a watch, who knows – you may or may not be disappointed, and with a tagline like that, you’ll at least have a good time watching it for the first time.


Adventures in Babysitting

As strange as it may seem to some, Adventures in Babysitting is a Thanksgiving tradition in my household, since the first time ever seeing this movie as a kid was on television on Thanksgiving. This 80s classic is also one of my favorites, and works as the perfect November additive. Just like Uncle Buck, who knows what time of year this movie actually takes place in, but it is cold and feels like early winter. Plus there’s an awesome couple second nod towards John Carpenter’s Halloween, as the theme is playing in the background when Elisabeth Shue is watching television in the living room. Try watching it this month and see how you feel.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I’m sure this film choice was seen coming from a mile away, but I don’t think anybody can deny the Thanksgiving perfection that is Planes and Trains. With its phenomenal cast, early winter vibe, and hilarious back and forth between characters, this comedic classic is one that should be watched several times – so grab a cold one, buckle up, and enjoy this seasonal ride all month long!

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