Nightmarish Conjurings is currently reviewing all the films in the Twilight Saga for its special anniversary. Lucky for me (depending on who you ask), I get to review the next three films starting with ECLIPSE.

Honestly, this was a relief, because ECLIPSE is where the films begin to improve, and the story becomes intriguing. In the first two films, Bella is just too naïve, insecure, and weak for my liking. It makes me uncomfortable. I mean she spends half of New Moon depressed over losing Edward, a 17-year-old vampire who she’s known for a whole two seconds. I just wanted to scream GET A LIFE!

In ECLIPSE, we start to see Bella grow. Yes, she’s still obsessed with Edward and the idea of becoming a vampire, but she’s starting to think for herself. She does things based on her wants and desires, not others. She embraces change, fights for the people she loves, and stops lying to herself about her true feelings for Jacob.

Beyond seeing Bella grow, I loved the storyline of the newborn army. Jasper takes charge of the army and is one of my favorite characters of the whole saga. The best part was hearing his story, hearing his southern accent, learning where he came from, and discovering how he became a vampire. Plus, this is the first time we get to see the vampires and werewolves work together. Mortal enemies setting aside to protect Bella and other by passers.

Although this is one of the better films of the saga, it still has some setbacks as some of the acting can be awkward and forced. I also still find it weird that Edward won’t give up his v-card to Bella until he’s married. Like you’re a vampire not a saint.

It was a nice treat to revisit this film and reminisce in Bella’s magical world. I know Twilight isn’t for everyone, but the books and movies got me through a hard time in life. I started reading the books when my Grandma was diagnosed, for the second time, with stage 4 brain cancer. The books helped take me to a fantasy world and escape my problems for a bit and that’s something that we all need sometimes. Therefore, despite some of the characters, writing, and films having flaws, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Do you enjoy the Twilight films? If so, which one is your favorite? Let us know and stay tuned for my next review as I will be looking back on Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

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